Etosha National Park - East gate or West gate - only 3 hours away from La Bips Safari's

Etosha National Park

Etosha – a beautiful National Park the size of Switzerland. So, as you can imagine, it offers you a safari adventure with as many stars as you could wish for….
Hundreds of elephants, lions, gemsbok, springbok, hartebeest – even the opportunity to see both white and black rhino; one of the only places in Africa where that is possible.


2 Hours away : Rising some 200 metres above the surrounding African savannah, the Waterberg Plateau with its brilliant brick-red sandstone formations and lush green vegetation is a wonderous place to explore.
Take on the challenge of a three-day hike, accompanied by a park ranger, to the Waterberg’s summit, or the thrill of setting out on your own 42-km self-guided trail.
Catch a glimpse of an illusive leopard or patiently stalk a herd of sable through the dense bush.


The Crocodile ranch is the tourist part of a farm which has more than 3900 Nile Crocodiles. They breed them for the skins and the meat
Every Saturday during Summer months from September to May at 11:00 AM sharp, the breeding herd is fed.
The Al Fresco Restaurant offers a variety of food options including crocodile. Let your children have fun in our play park - Rabbits, Tortoises & Koi Fish can be fed as well while waiting for the meals to be served

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